Re: Name Server for Local site

Torben N. Nielsen (
Tue, 12 Jul 88 13:00:50 HST


        Yes, the stuff is imbedded in the library. The problem I'm having
is that it *looks* like the nameserver Sun is distributing is pre-4.8 and
I wanted to use BIND4.8 and take advantage of the newer features and the
bug fixes. However, I do not yet have sources (on order...) for SunOS4.0 and
just bringing up the new nameserver doesn't cut it. I *believe* Sun has
interfaced the libraries to YP and that they do something non-standard through
that.... And I *don't* run YP at all. So I thought the easiest thing to do
was to just port the 4.3BSD sources over - compiling them against my
now separate nameserver library..... But it isn't that easy; at least not
with the version of the 4.3BSD sources I have from the original distribution
tape.... The Sun binaries definitely do not appear to work with BIND4.8...
Just looking to see if anyone else has a similar problem and maybe a
solution :-)....


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