Multi-protocol wide area networks

Robert Smart (munnari!ditmela!
12 Jul 88 09:42:11 GMT

When creating a wide area network for the academic and research
community it seems desirable to be able to run a variety of middle
level protocols: TCP/IP, DECNET, OSI, UUCP, ACSnet. The only
choice I know of that can do this is X.25. The trouble with an
X.25 network for TCP/IP and DECNET is that you have to have a
host to gateway between each local ethernet and the wide area
network. What I would like is an X.25 switch which knows how to
do TCP/IP and DECNET and OSI/CLN gatewaying to a local ethernet.
Something like this:

   host-------X.25-switch---------wide area network
    | |

Hosts that want to be connected to the X.25 network could be, but
most would get their network access from their LAN connection.

Is there anything like this around? Or planned? Or does somebody
have a better idea?

Bob Smart

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