Simulation of TELNET sessions.

Mon, 11 Jul 88 16:35:16 ECT

In Norway, at the University of Trondheim, we are going to evaluate
several different solutions for connecting IBM-4381 to ethernet
and communication based on TCP/IP. Our main interest is solutions
for TELNET server emulating IBM-3270 for different types of
ASCII terminals, ASCII printers and other ASCII hosts.
The system must be able to handle a total of about 100 parallell
sessions from TELNET clients.

It's not easy to organize a test group of 100 real people,
patiently using TELNET on our command :-). - We rather must try
with virtual people, a simulation program, simulating a lot of
TELNET clients communicating with the IBM host.

To write such a program is neither a small nor trivial task.
Does anyone know if such a program is available for either
UNIX or VAX/VMS? How can we get a copy? Is it free or can we
buy or rent it? If the source is available, which language is

- Thanks a lot!

Best wishes,
Jan Erik.

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