TFTP mode strings

Tue, 12 Jul 88 11:37:16 EDT

The current document for TFTP is RFC-783 dated June 1981. Three transfer
modes are specified: netascii, octet, and mail. A footnote on octet says
"this replaces the 'binary' mode of previous versions of this document".

Mail mode exists because the group who created the protocol had a machine
which did not yet have a TCP (but did have IP and UDP). MIT-Multics was
set up to forward mail with TFTP. THe machine has since grown a TCP and
an SMTP.

The image mode you see in the code was because of a mistake. There were
several implementations before someone noticed that we hadn't followed the
spec we'd written (at least six implementations were done by the same
group that wrote the spec). So with very red faces we fixed those
implementations we could to accept either image or octet.

Test mode was just for the PCs. It sends bogus data and throws it away at
the other end. We just wanted to see how fast we could make the PCs go.

                                                David Bridgham

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