TFTP mail mode (ancient history)

John A. Shriver (
Tue, 12 Jul 88 10:49:45 EDT

TFTP mail did exist, and was implemented, back when TCP and NCP were
coexisting. Here is the header from a peice of mail that went that

 Date: 15 Sep 1982 1652-EDT (Wednesday)
 From: "lwa%MIT-CSR" at MIT-Multics
 Subject: Re: Re: Unix driver for Interlan Ethernet interface
 To: mo at LBL-UNIX (Mike O'Dell [system])

MIT-Multics was speaking NCP mail. MIT-CSR did not have IP/TCP/SMTP,
but did have IP/UDP/TFTP. MIT-Multics was forwarding the mail to CSR
using the TFTP Mail mode. When NCP was being cut off, an SMTP was
written for MIT-CSR in a weekend.

While MIT-CSR is no longer running SMTP (it's essentially a TIU
running V6 UNIX off one RK05 disk), the TFTP still might accept mail.
MIT-Multics is gone, NCP no longer exists outside of DoD, and we use
@'s in mail addresses now.

One certainly does not want to implement mail mode in a new TFTP

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