Re: Name Server for Local site
Mon, 11 Jul 88 11:19:56 PDT

>> I had no problems compiling it under SunOS4.0. However, I haven't gotten the
>> various network programs such as ``ftp", ``rlogin", .... to work properly
>> with the nameserver. I tried moving 4.3BSD osurces over and after resolving
>> some problems with ``signal", I got everything compiled. However, only
>> ``finger" appears to work correctly. ``Ftp" certainly doesn't. Anyone made
>> the modifications to 4.3BSD sources to get them to work properly with the
>> nameserver and SunOS4.0?
>> Torben

On implementations I've seen the interface to the name server was imbeded
in different gethostbyname and similar routines. These routines are
contained in libc, libnet, libBSD, or some similar library set. Where is
vendor dependent. These libraries need to have the name server version
put into them or you need to link with the appropriate object prior to
linking with the library.


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