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Mon, 11 Jul 88 13:48:03 CDT

NCSA Telnet version 2.2 release notice (July 5, 1988)

NCSA Telnet is a combined telnet client and FTP server program for
Macintosh and MS-DOS PCs. It emphasizes a convenient, powerful
user interface and can be configured to match the characteristics
of your TCP/IP hosts. We have included support for a wide variety of
Ethernet options. Complete user documentation is available; printed,
or in Macintosh Microsoft Word format files.

NCSA Telnet is available via anonymous FTP or by placing an order, see
appended message. Any volunteers for BITNET posting?

We hope you enjoy using our program.

Tim Krauskopf (ARPA)
Gaige B. Paulsen

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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Please distribute the following notice to anyone who is interested:

NCSA Telnet Information July 5, 1988

NCSA Telnet is now in the public domain.

Features included in version 2.2 of NCSA Telnet:
(* means new in version 2.2)

DARPA standard telnet
Built-in standard FTP server for file transfer
VT102 emulation in multiple, simultaneous sessions
Full subnetting support
Tektronix 4014 graphics emulation
Scrollback for each session
Domain name lookup with default domain suffix
*RARP for dynamic IP address assignment
Full color support (PC and *Macintosh II)
*Font and size support (Macintosh)
*MacBinary FTP transfer (Macintosh)
*New Ethernet board support (PC, PS/2)

How to obtain a copy:

1) From a friend

The documentation, program and source code are now in the public domain.
Copy, modify, distribute and be happy.

2) Anonymous FTP from (

You may want to ftp the README file(s) to determine which files to transfer to
your home machine.

For the PC version, you have your choice of tar files which contain the
documentation, the programs and supporting files. For each tar file, there is
also a compressed tar file with the same contents. After the files are
extracted from the tar file, some transfer method (e.g. kermit, NCSA Telnet)
should be used to download the files to the PC. The documentation is
available in line printer format and Macintosh Microsoft Word format.
Remember to download .EXE files in binary mode.

The Macintosh version consists of several files encoded with Stuff-It. The
BinHex (.HQX) version is a duplicate copy for those who need a non-binary
distribution. Download the selections you need with a binary transfer method
(kermit, NCSA Telnet) and extract the individual files. The documentation is
in Microsoft Word 3.X format.

 3) Diskette or Tape

 On-disk copies and printed manuals are available for a small fee which covers
 materials, handling and postage. The anonymous FTP tape covers the contents
 of all disks. Orders can only be accepted if accompanied by a check in U.S.
 dollars made out to the University of Illinois. You can get an order form by

 NCSA Telnet orders
 152 Computing Applications Building
 605 E. Springfield Ave.
 Champaign, IL 61820

 Hardware required:

 PC: IBM PC, PC/XT, PC/AT, or compatible.
        3COM 3C501 Etherlink board.
        or IBM RT PC Baseband adapter.
        or Ungermann-Bass PC-NIC board.
        or MICOM NI5210 Ethernet board.
        or Western Digital WD8003E board.

 PS/2: IBM PS/2, models with MCA.
        3Com 3C523 Etherlink/MC board.
        or Ungermann-Bass NICps/2 board.

 Mac: Macintosh Plus, SE or Macintosh II.
        FastPath from Kinetics Inc. Walnut Creek, CA (415) 947-0998 and
                Kinetics gateway software or Stanford KIP (Croft) gateway
        EtherSC or Etherport SE or Etherport II from Kinetics and
                Kinetics EtherTalk software.
        EtherTalk board from Apple and
                Apple EtherTalk software for the Macintosh II.
        alternate EtherTalk compatible systems for the Macintosh.

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