TFTP mode strings

William C. VerSteeg (dcatla!
11 Jul 88 14:57:04 GMT

I am writing a TFTP file transfer program for a proprietary communications
server. There appears to be some discrepancy between the TFTP document (IEN
133) and the packages that I have seen in use.

Basically, the IEN calls for three type of files- netascii, binary, and mail.
In addition to these types, I have seen "image", "octet", and "test" in the
MIT package for the PC. I am not sure, but I think that I have seen other
modes in other packages.

My intent is to support netascii and binary file transfers. Mail mode is not
well defined for my communications server (we have no embedded mail facility).
The test mode also doesn't apply for this application. This leads me to my
question. What other text strings should I expect to see in the mode field of
a TFTP file access request? Is IEN 133 (dated Jan. 29 1980) the correct
document to be referencing ? If it is, why are there conflicting text strings
for binary mode ?

Bill VerSteeg

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