Re: default broadcast address

Stuart Levy (
Sun, 10 Jul 88 11:00:57 CDT

The difficulty (for UNIX systems at least) with choosing
(or or {net,constant,constant}) as a broadcast address arises
when you try to put broadcast-based applications on multi-homed hosts or gw's.
To broadcast on a particular net -- or for that matter on all nets -- what
address should be used? Using the {net,subnet,constant} form at least ensures
that every interface has a distinct broadcast address and that a route exists
for that address.

It might be possible for applications to send to {net,subnet,constant}
and for the IP layer to detect that a broadcast was intended and translate
it into some other broadcast address before transmission. This would
be pretty disgusting, however, and is anyway not done by any software I know of.

Do any of the sites choosing as a standard broadcast address
have a solution?

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