Re: mbuf leaks

Michael Bloom (amdahl!pyramid!prls!philabs!ttidca!
9 Jul 88 12:18:26 GMT

A couple of hours ago, in article <2881@ttidca.TTI.COM> I wrote:
> Can anyone suggest good techniques for tracking down mbuf leaks?

The problem was simple: turned out to be an "m_free" where there
should have been an "m_freem". While unneeded at present, i'd still be
interested in learning of other peoples network debugging techniques.

A new question: Has anyone tried rewriting the mbuf allocation
routines and macros to internally use streams data structures? This
looks like it might be a workable approach to converting the BSD TCP
to streams, without having to change too much of the rest of the code.

If I can find out soon enough whether or not s5r4 tcp will be streams
based, I may end up doing such a conversion to get a head start prior
to r4 availability. I know I've asked this before, but I've gotten no
replies: does anyone know if this will be the case?

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