Re: Name Server for Local site

William Sommerfeld (
10 Jul 88 01:24:36 GMT

In article <> jbvb@VAX.FTP.COM (James Van Bokkelen) writes:
>It ought to be a relatively simple matter to build the current Bind
>domain server for use on a Sun, HP, Unix Vax or Apollo. The source
>is public-domain, and available for anonymous FTP on the Internet
>(but I'm not sure where - neither ucbvax nor ucbarpa seem to have it).

You didn't look hard enough:

4.8 is known to run on Apollos under SR10.0; if you build libresolv.a
into a single object module (using `ld -r'), and then `inlib' it, it
magically replaces the gethostbyname in libc, so you don't even have
to relink the utilities which call gethostbyname. (SR10 includes a
slightly older version of bind).

                                        - Bill

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