Re: Name Server for Local site

Torben N. Nielsen (
Sat, 9 Jul 88 15:07:08 HST

>It ought to be a relatively simple matter to build the current Bind
>domain server for use on a Sun, HP, Unix Vax or Apollo. The source
>is public-domain, and available for anonymous FTP on the Internet
>(but I'm not sure where - neither ucbvax nor ucbarpa seem to have it).

I just checked and it's in ``~ftp/pub/4.3" on ``ucbarpa.Berkeley.Edu". The
version currently there is dated April 21.

I had no problems compiling it under SunOS4.0. However, I haven't gotten the
various network programs such as ``ftp", ``rlogin", .... to work properly
with the nameserver. I tried moving 4.3BSD osurces over and after resolving
some problems with ``signal", I got everything compiled. However, only
``finger" appears to work correctly. ``Ftp" certainly doesn't. Anyone made
the modifications to 4.3BSD sources to get them to work properly with the
nameserver and SunOS4.0?


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