Grist for someone's mill

James Van Bokkelen (
Sat, 9 Jul 88 17:52:35 EDT returned the precedence I sent in a PING (which is widely perceived
to be 'right', but is explicitly disallowed by RFC-792, pg 2). However, it
does not escalate its precedence when I open a 'finger' TCP connection to it.
(it does request High Throughput, though, which I didn't send). Recent
discussion of TCP and Precedence reveals that RFC-793 and MIL-STD-1778 disagree
as to whether an actively-opening TCP can raise its precedence. One authority
I've talked to thinks the MIL-STD is right, and the opener can raise, but
not everyone has been heard from.

Sorry, I am not yet equipped to play with IP options, but I'll keep the
fuzzies in mind when I start (Basic Security first).


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