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James Van Bokkelen (
Sat, 9 Jul 88 17:41:18 EDT

It ought to be a relatively simple matter to build the current Bind
domain server for use on a Sun, HP, Unix Vax or Apollo. The source
is public-domain, and available for anonymous FTP on the Internet
(but I'm not sure where - neither ucbvax nor ucbarpa seem to have it).
I think it has also been distributed on netnews. If you can't get it
any other way, we include Bind 4.7.3 and the matching Sendmail.MX (uses
MX records) in one of our public-domain source diskettes (our part PC-801).

If you want a dedicated machine, or a supported product, we ported Bind
v4.7.3 (the last version before the current 4.8, which itself has gone
through some bug fixes since it was first available) to our DOS socket
library. Of course, it runs in the foreground on a dedicated PC, but it
doesn't need hard disk (unless you want to log things and support high
query rates simultaneously). It will initiate zone transfers, but it
won't accept incoming requests, so it isn't a good primary server for a
dynamic, multi-server domain. I don't know if Unix Bind supports TCP
queries, but if it does, we've never tested them on the PC (UDP only).

Unmodified 4.7.3 on our Ultrix 2.0 uVax will handle about 45 queries
per second (local addresses in its cached database). Our port to DOS
will support about 37 queries per second, on an 8Mhz AT clone with a
good Ethernet card in it, less on slower machines and with poorer cards.

James VanBokkelen
FTP Software Inc.

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