Name Server for Local Site.

Martin Holland (mcvax!ukc!stl!stc!idec!prlhp1!
4 Jul 88 21:31:00 GMT

I am looking for a machine to act as a name server for our local site.
We have a large, diverse number of machines running TCP/IP. (e.g. IBM,
HP, SUN, Apollo, PC, VAX) over our local Ethernet. Trying to keep all
the local Hostname Tables in step with each other is becoming a real bind.
We thought of using the IBM system as a name server as their implementation
of TCP/IP allows for a name server. However it transpires that a prerequisite
is SQL to contain the database. We don't have SQL and the cost is horrendous.
Does anyone know of any name server software that can either be installed
onto one of the existing machines or perhaps a stand-alone system perhaps
based on a PC which isn't too expensive.
Thanks in advance.
M. C. Holland.

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