TCP simulator wanted

Fri, 08 Jul 88 23:33:47 CDT

We've recently put some effort into benchmarking various combinations of
  TCP/IP software and ethernet controllers on IBM mainframes running VM.
  The results of this testing have now been analyzed to death and we're
  preparing for a second series of tests later this year.

Most of the performance problems of the current software/hardware in this
  area are related to a long latency from packet reception to the processing
  of that packet by the software (i.e., this latency tends to be much
  greater than the transmit-commit to network latency).

I'm currently trying to quantify the effect that cutting one latency or
  another will have on TCP performance. I think I may be homing in on
  some decent conclusions and I plan on creating some live tests,
  but it would be much easier to try out my theories if I had access
  to some software which would simulate two interconnected TCPs.

I'm not after anything too complex; something that will simulate a single
  established connection and let me adjust various parameters would be a
  useful starting point.

Anyone have something even remotely applicable?

Kind Regards,
              David Lippke
              The University of Texas at Dallas

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