RFCs, ISO DISs and ASCII copies...

Michael F.H. Nittmann (nittmann%rusvx1.rus.uni-stuttgart.dbp.de@RELAY.CS.NET)
Fri, 8 Jul 88 10:51:36 EDT

"languages" to distribute documents in standardized form and to do
joint editing:
SGML/ISO8879, CGM/ISO8632, ISO8613 part 7, ccitt T.147 are good for
joint editing(standardized graphic markup language), comp.graph.meta files...

since there will be an iso transition (sic) these distributions could
be already in some iso standardized form. AND: this would be a step to a
real distributed document archiving, editing and distribution facility
(perhaps somebody might look at a project called DAPHNE in germany?).

And tex is even running on ataris, ibm compatibles, amigas, so even the
lowest end equipped people could participate (tex and a 9 needle printer!).


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