Re: Where do you suppose I could get egp or gated?

Ted Lindgreen (mcvax!gouldnl!
23 Jun 88 17:08:06 GMT

In article <In article <1977@hubcap.UUCP> In article <1977@hubcap.UUCP> mrspock@hubcap.UUCP (Steve Benz) writes:
>We have a Gould 9005 connected to the Milnet ( is our number)
 [deleted: need for gated]
>So we called Gould -- they said something like "eeh gee whut?"

Gated is part of the Goulds standard operating systems UTX/32 2.1
(for Powernode, such as your 9005) and UTX/32 3.0 (for NP1), so
so there are people at Gould that know about it.

You should ask Gould again. If that does not succeed, please contact
me by e-mail, I may give you a better reference.

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