Looking for public domain TCP/IP

XMRP50000[jcm]-j.mukerji (att!mtunx!whuts!homxb!mtuxo!mtgzz!jis@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
23 Jun 88 21:05:07 GMT

I am looking for a public domain version of TCP/IP for my own use. I would
like to find a version for which I can get the source. Does such a beast
exist? If it does, from where can I get it?

Please email responses to jis@mtgzz.att.com, I will summarize.


Jishnu Mukerji,
mtgzz!jis, jis@mtgzz.att.com
+1 201 957 5986
AT&T, MT 3K-423, 200 Laurel Ave., Middletown NJ	07748

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