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Dirk Husemann (mcvax!unido!fauern!faui44!
23 Jun 88 12:15:06 GMT

        In a previous posting I asked about the struct member if_addr in
netinet/tcp_input.c, well, -

        I'm a bit ashamed to tell, but after rechecking the source code
- netinet/tcp_input.c - again today, we found out, that I *did* miss
something - a little bitty #if:

        #if BSD<43
        /* XXX this belongs in netinet/in.c */

        BSD is defined in include/netinet/tcp_var.h as 42 in case it
isn't defined at all:

        #ifndef BSD
        #define BSD 42 /* if we're not 4.3, pretend we're 4.2 */
        #define OLDSTAT /* set if we have to use old netstat binaries */

        As our UNIX operating system (XELOS/esd5) can handle 4.3bsd source
code to a certain extent, we just defined BSD as 43, which took care of our

        I assume that, in order to make 4.3 tcp-ip work under 4.2bsd,i.e.
defining BSD as 42, one probably needs the _old_ header files, otherwise
the question remains to be answered where one (tcp_input.c that is) shall
get his/her hands on if_addr.


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