Remote Gnumacs servers?

Craig Finseth (
Thu, 23 Jun 88 13:56:39 CDT

I experimeted some time ago with a version of Gnu-Emacs that had been
modified to use the LEAP features in an Encore Annex terminal
concentrator. The LEAP features offload the terminal operations
(echoing, etc.). Although not exactly the same situation as you
describe, it did lead me to propose a conjecture (additional testing
may turn it into a theorem):

        Moving processing from a central, shared resource to a
        distributed, private resource results in lowering the average
        response time while increasing the standard deviation of the
        response time.

In this particular case, I felt that the increase in standard deviation
resulted in crossing a threshold which made performance poor enough
that it could not be offset by the decrease in average response.

In particular, when you went from typing to editing, the pause was
long (compared to echoing) and you had the impression that you editing
character (e.g., ^N, ^A) was ignored, causing you to type it again.
To say the least, this behavior is annoying (see previous paragraph.)

My advice: quit while you're ahead.

Craig A. Finseth [CAF13]
Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc. (612) 624-3375

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