Remote Gnumacs servers?

Edward Wilkinson (munnari!vuwcomp!dsiramd!pnamd!csvaxa!
21 Jun 88 00:37:16 GMT

Is there a version of Gnumacs which allows a remote Gnumacs to run in
conjunction with a local part? This would allow the local part to do
such simple things as self-insert-command, delete-backward-char, while
the remote part does things like byte-compile-file, load-file and
other more expensive tasks.

The main advantage with this is that a PC user could edit files with
fast response times for simple stuff which usually takes ages on a
highly loaded bigger machine. This approach could also work with

Ideas? Or has this already been done? I know I'd prefer to use full
Gnumacs on my PC instead of some local subsubset of emacs which fits
into 640k or whatever.

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