TCP-IP on IBM mainframe

Wed, 22 Jun 88 08:38:24 +0200

We are in the process of selecting products to connect (micro)VAX to
IBM mainframe on ETHERNET and TCP-IP.
The solutions which are distributed here in Belgium are(as far as I know)
    - IBM 8232
    - ITT 8940 (which in fact is the INTEL FASTPATH)
    - Spartacus-Fibronics K200
I suppose this has become a trivial question for most of you but I should
appreciate any comment, appreciation or experience on :
    - those products
    - the related software to be used on the IBM mainframe (VM/HPO)
    - the software to be used on the VAX systems (VMS)
    -opinion about the best way to provide 3270 simulation (in the VAX or
      in the IBM mainframe)
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