15 pin ethernet connector

Walter Geens (mcvax!prlb2!lln-cs!sunbim!wg@uunet.uu.net)
20 Jun 88 12:15:40 GMT

        I have just seen the messages on the problems of the ethernet connector.O.K.The desing is not a 100% succes but is in use from the ethernet specs 1
 from Xerox I think from about 1973! It is even described in the standards.
Hard to change I believe.
        Now a solution. I had myself 2 days of troubles finding out what went wrong adding a terminal server to a network not willing to talk to anything.
Believe it or not, it was the connector making no contact at all!
What was the real cause? In fact, it is not the slide latch that has to maintainthe contact but the plug itself.
         What I found was that the problem lies in the cable, not the connector on the server! Under the 2 studs on the cable-connector are in general 2 rings.
These rings brings the studs higher up the plug so preventing on many machines
to push in the plug far enough. In most cases only the tip of the pins make
contact. So if the plug is moved a little you are in deep trouble! All depend
on the cable manufacturing.
        !Remove at least one ring and if necessary all rings from under the
studs so that the plugs mate eachother correctly! Then secure the latch. It
will work forever and You can take an enjoying holiday. I have done this modi-
fication about 30 times here at BIM and at customer sites and never had to
return until now.
        I only can hope You will have the same succes!

        Boni Dens


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