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22 Jun 88 06:51:53 GMT

The architecture we are trying to test is more ideally implemented with
independently adressable network devices, so I'm looking for a (hopefully
cost effective) way of putting our printers on our ethernet network instead
of hanging them off of a server. It sounds like we need some of the
functionality of a cisco terminal server, but that looks to be a bit of
overkill. Something similar was described in Comp.newprod from Excelan
a few weeks ago. We would also like some method of having the tape drive
be an independent device, but I think that is less important at the moment.

I would appreciate any info (esp. pricing) on the minimum cisco or Excelan
systems. I would also appreciate any suggested alternatives or problems
with what we're trying to do. If I get enough (any :-) replies, I will
post a summary. Thanks.

Fred Ziel, Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Reserach, CU-Boulder
uucp: ..!{nbires,ames!ncar}!boulder!ziel domain:
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