4.3 public domain tcp/ip - fixes available ?

Dirk Husemann (mcvax!unido!fauern!faui44!dkhusema@uunet.uu.net)
21 Jun 88 13:20:14 GMT

        Hi, yawl!

        Well, I'm in the process of porting the 4.3 public domain tcp/ip
release to our PE's (manufactured by Concurrent Computer). Everything
compiled real smoothly - in the net directory, that is, - except for the
file netinet/tcp_input.c.

        The problem is caused by the following piece of source code:

        for (ifp = ifnet; ifp; ifp = ifp->if_next) {
                if (ifp->if_addr.sa_family != AF_INET)
                sin = (struct sockaddr_in *)&ifp->if_addr;
                if ((sin->sin_addr.s_addr & mask) == i)
                        return (1);

        My compiler doesn't like a particular identifier: if_addr ! All
he can be be seduced to say is:

        "tcp_input.c", line 1314: if_addr undefined
        "tcp_input.c", line 1314: member of structure or union required
        "tcp_input.c", line 1314: warning: struct/union or struct/union
                                  pointer required
        "tcp_input.c", line 1316: member of structure or union required

As it turns out to be, the variable ifp is of struct ifnet, which in turn
is defined in if.h (net/if.h). Looking it up yields that the member if_addr
of the struct ifnet is NOT defined. Once you compare it with the 4.2 sour-
ces you'll find it there.

        Question: Did I miss something important (i.e., have there
                been any fixes to this problem - I didn't follow the
                discussions on comp.protocols.tcp-ip that closely) ?

                        Did we get our sources mingled up?

                        What else?

        Perhaps somebody can enlighten me?

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