Re: Ethernet transceiver connector slide-locks

Darrel VanBuer (sdcrdcf!sdcsmb!samsun!
20 Jun 88 21:49:04 GMT

Slide locks are not perfect, but when correctly implemented do not
cause much trouble. Sun's violation of the 802.3 spec (and the more
implicit specs in the orginal Ethernet document -- where you have to
read the connector manufacturers' catalogs to get all the rules for
correct adjustment) is a major headache. By putting a chassis between
the connector flange and the slide, they steal about 1.5 mm of pin
insertion out of a total of 3 mm pin insertion, leaving the connector
quite wobbly. At one time, we dealt with this by modifying the drop
cable to remove two washers which the spec says SHOULD be between the
lock posts and the connector flange, resulting in a cable end which
complements the Sun error, and gets a good fit. Of course this cable
now fails to properly fit a conforming computer or extension cable

When properly fit, a slide lock is quite strong. With poor QC or
design, they are abysmal.

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