Where do you suppose I could get egp or gated?

Steve Benz (hubcap!mrspock@gatech.edu)
20 Jun 88 21:00:22 GMT

We have a Gould 9005 connected to the Milnet ( is our number)
and to a LAN connected to NSFnet. We've been running well for a while,
except that we have no EGP, which means that we really don't get the
kind of connectivity we'd like through the Milnet side.

So we called Gould -- they said something like "eeh gee whut?"
I understand that some folks at Cornell have written something called
'gated' and I believe that's what we need, since it deals with both
RIP (for the LAN) and EGP (for the Milnet connection) in one program.

Does anybody out there know where or if we can lay hands on such a thing?

                                - Steve Benz

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