Re: Looking for comments on the 15-pin ethernet connector

Mon, 20 Jun 88 11:08:06 EDT

> We have a lot of Sun fileservers around here and thus we've had a lot of
> problems with the transceiver connectors. The problem with Sun equipment
> in particular is that the fashion in which the connector is attached to
> the outside of the ethernet board (same thing goes for the ethernet connector
> on the CPU board). The screws onto which the slide connector is supposed
> to catch are mounted on the OUTSIDE of the board whereas the connector
> itself is mounted on the INSIDE. This means that the transceiver cable
> connector can't make full contact with the one on the board. (I tried to
> draw this in this message but it's too difficult.) The problem is that
> the pins on the transceiver cable connector side don't go all of the way
> into the holes on the board side because the catches for the connector
> are mounted too far away from the top of the board side connector. (Take
> a look at it, you'll see.)

Someone from Bridge Communications recently pointed out to me that there
are washers under the posts on the transceiver cable connector. Removing
the washers allows the cables to make much better contact in this situation.

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