IEN-116 nameserver

Mohamed_el_Lozy (hscfvax!
20 Jun 88 16:47:11 GMT

A couple of weeks ago an implementation of the IEN-116 nameserver (both
server and client) for BSD 4.3 systems was posted to

Currently the PCs that are connected to my LAN use FTP Software's
PC/TCP software, which uses the domain server for name to number
mapping. Are there any products out there that still use the IEN-116

If it is worth keeping it, how should it deal with the length octet?
RFC-991 states: "The protocol details are ambiguous, in particular,
the length octet either does or doesn't include itself and the op
code". Assuming there are products which use it, what is their
interpretation of this question?

Thanks for any advice.

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