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20 Jun 88 03:08:08 GMT

In article <8806192137.AA28570@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> enger@GBURG.SCC.COM writes:
> Many of the writers addressing this topic have complained
>about bending of the slide lock metal (allowing the connector to become
>partially or fully dislodged). Still more writers have suggested various
>revenge scenarios against the inventor of the connector, and the abandonment
>of the connector's use. Maybe improvements can be made without resorting to
>the guillotine (or wire cutters).
> I have noted differnces in the "strength" of the slide locks
>provided on the cables from various suppliers. While the geometry may make
>the applied forces great, it may still be possible to spec a sufficiently
>"strong" slide lock to meet most user's needs. Perhaps the use of higher
>quality metal will be the only change necessary. Reinforcement of the slide
>lock through other methods such as ribbing and spot welding may also be usefull

Perhaps. Heck, perhaps we could make it work with epoxy glue too! :-)

At the base of the problem is a different outlook though - this industry had
managed to get along with 9 pin, 25 pin, and all kinds of n-pin connectors
pretty well - but we got used to using a method of screwing things in THAT
WORKED AND WAS EFFECTIVE. The DIX plug isn't. It sucks on a good day, and
is flaky the rest of the time. And as a great many of the testimonials here
have indicated, the 'fix' is simple - get rid of the poor design, go with one
or more variants of tried and true screwlocks.

Now if you (any you, not just Bob) can come up with a good reason to go with
a more complicated, less effective method, please convince me. Or, of course,
go get a job in the Pentagon in procurement - there are likely to be a few
slots there real real soon...

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