Re: Looking for comments on the 15-pin ethernet connector

Roy Smith (phri!
19 Jun 88 14:03:27 GMT

phil@amdcad.UUCP writes:
> Tell people like Sun that they should follow the ISO 802.3 international
> standard for transceiver cable connectors and mount them on the OUTSIDE of
> the panel.

(To the tune of "look what they've done to my song")

Look what they've done to my SUN, DIX,
Look what they've done to my SUN.
They've gone and moved, the cable plug,
>From the outside to the in, DIX.
Look what they've done to my SUN...

> Like DEC does.

Come to think of it, we've had a lot less trouble with out DELNI than with our
Suns. Warning: do not construe the previous sentence to mean that I actually
think the slide locks might work right if constructed strictly according to
the specs. All I'm saying is that they wouldn't be as bad.

> Many people have not looked at the connection system carefully.

Perhaps, but I'll bet that lots of people have looked at the connection
system angrily, obscenely, and with violent thoughts of destruction.

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