Re: Looking for comments on the 15-pin ethernet connector

Steve Sutphen (att!alberta!steve@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
19 Jun 88 22:15:09 GMT

We have been using these slide lock connectors since before we installed
Ethernet 5 years ago (they were also used on the HP 2621 terminals
keyboards). While I will grant that we have had some problems with them,
I wouldn't say that they have been a constant headache -- maybe our people
take more care in the installation and use of equipment than at other
sites. If someone is doing a new specification as was indicated in the
original article then I think that they should take a serious look at the
factors involved. I think that a major part of the problem is that
        1) right angle shells are not as commonly available as they should
        be and people installing the cables don't bother choosing the
        correct connector (right angle vs strait).

        2) the Transciever cable is part of the problem - it is very
        stiff, large and heavy. This excrabates all the other problems.

I would not say that jack screws as are used on RS-232 connectors are
completely fool proof though either. We have had our share of
        1) stripped female locking nut
        2) loose female locking screws because of binding of the jack
        screw, or simply beacuse the nut loosens (even when "properly"
        installed). For a while we would go through all the screws on new
        equipment and tightnen up the female locking screws. I even
        thought about putting locktite on some of the ones that were more
        problematic (on the old Sun-100 chassis).


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