Re: 4.0 SOS questions
Sun, 19 Jun 88 23:10:11 PDT

          can't ftp into a 4.0 SOS machine unless I use the user name root

anonymous ftp works fine to my Sun OS 4.0 machine, after following
the setup instructions in the ftpd man page.

        I'm running ypserv with the old secret -i flag just
        like I do on our 3.n systems but have no joy.

4.0 versions of ypserv don't use the "-i" option. You have to
build yp* maps using the "-b" option of makedbm.
(See the makedbm man page). You will probably also need a new
version of ypserv from Sun which fixes a critical bug with the "-b"
option. should be able to help you with this.

John Larson, Xerox PARC

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