Transceiver connectors
19 Jun 88 16:04:00 EDT

        Many of the writers addressing this topic have complained
about bending of the slide lock metal (allowing the connector to become
partially or fully dislodged). Still more writers have suggested various
revenge scenarios against the inventor of the connector, and the abandonment
of the connector's use. Maybe improvements can be made without resorting to
the guillotine (or wire cutters).

        I have noted differnces in the "strength" of the slide locks
provided on the cables from various suppliers. While the geometry may make
the applied forces great, it may still be possible to spec a sufficiently
"strong" slide lock to meet most user's needs. Perhaps the use of higher
quality metal will be the only change necessary. Reinforcement of the slide
lock through other methods such as ribbing and spot welding may also be usefull.

        I suppose we could machine high quality slide locks that were strong
enough to lift a car (or at least a Sun Workstation). What I'm affraid of
however, is that we'll start to see the mating chasis hardware failing. Wider
use of right angle connectors, and provisions for EASILY lashing the cable to
the equipment chasis should round out the remedy though.

Bob Enger

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