Re: Cisco terminal servers?

David Roode (
Sat, 18 Jun 88 19:09:27 PDT

I've used the cisco Terminal servers for 2 years now, and been very
happy with them. It's the same box as their gateway, and the code
load etc. is the same, so if you deal with both your personal
system-entity count is only incremented by one. . It either boots
from PROM or down from the net. The configuration can be changed from
any terminal by entering a password. The normal method is to download
a modified configuration file from a Unix server. They also offer
their normal bubble memory option so the configuration doesn't have to
be downloaded either, but it always can be, if desired. The
reliability is excellent, as is the performance (can put up to 96
terminal lines in a single box, though I only put 80 and in our
(typical) situation rarely saw more than 40 active at once. They now
offer a 68020 option on the processor, and the terminal server
supports SLIP to typical PC-based products or compatible. Estimate is
that not too many of these should be flying full tilt at once-- about
8 or so is the estimate I had, for the 68000 CPU. Main memory is 1mb,
and the configuration and operation is fairly user friendly. Each port
can support a practically unlimited number of connections (telnet)
simultaneously, with the ability to cycle between them conveniently,
optionally notify if output waiting, etc. They also implement RLOGIN,
and they can use multiple flavors of name servers or support hard-wire
host name. They support milking machine mode to make RS232 ports in
hunt groups available to provide Telnet server access to remote access
to RS232 devices that do not support Telnet--such as dial out modems,
devices with RS232 monitoring available, and the like. The devices
can have their own unique emulated IP address or answer on alternate
TCP service ports of the main boxes address. Finally, they also
support parallel printers connected to the box and accessible to the
network, as well as printers accessed over an ordinary serial port.

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