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16 Jun 88 11:31:38 GMT

In article <5047@videovax.Tek.COM>, dmc@videovax.Tek.COM (Donald M. Craig) writes:
> Sun Microsystems also has a representative on the RP-125 committee.
> "I am the Component Engineer for connectors at Sun. In regards to your

> significant problems with mechanical integrity of the lock, or for that
> matter with the connector in any aspect. If the connector is properly
> In the face of this informal statement by Sun's component engineer,
> I now need data about other people's experience with the DB-15 slide

I can speak only from my own experience. We have many workstations located
in the Engineer's cube at GM. Most of them are connected via a transceiver
cable with the sliding connector that you are refering to in the previous

We experienced at least one connector that was disconnected at least once
a week. We would then have to dispatch somebody to the site, trouble
shoot the problem, then plug the connector back in. Needless to say,
this is very labor intensive and expensive. Almost all of our network
problems turn out to be transceiver cables that are unplugged.

I reported this problem to one of our vendors (Sun :-) ). I stated that
in my environment, we would prefer a connector that could be fasten by
screws. Local Sun Field service stated that they had received other
similar complaints from other customers and that they would pass the
suggestion back to their corporate office.

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