Re: Looking for comments on the 15-pin ethernet connector

Roy Smith (phri!
18 Jun 88 01:20:22 GMT writes:
> About 3 years back we at Spider Systems decided that slidelocks were
> useless, and ever since have been fitting screwlocks instead to all our
> terminal servers, bridges and stuff.

        A big "Thank you!" to the folks at Spider for having the courage to
stand up in public and (proudly) admit that they did something non-standard
because it was better. Not just better, but a hell of a lot better, and
downward-compatable to boot! Now all we have to is get all the other
network vendors to do the same thing (and get catalog houses like Inmac to
start stocking screw-post drop cables). Sun may say "The network is the
computer" but I say "the connector is the network"!

        Could you imagine if 50 companies a day, I say 50 companies a day
stood up and said "slide locks suck" and started shipping screw-in ethernet
connectors? I'd be a revolution, friends. (Apologies to Arlo Guthrie).

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