4.0 SOS questions

Michael J. O'Connor (oconnor@sccgate.scc.com)
Fri, 17 Jun 88 13:39:44 EDT

        I've got some problems with our Sun OS (SOS) 4.0 machines and DDN
services. They are all RoadRunners, but I've seen the same problem on
a Sun-3 running SOS 4.0.
        The first problem is that I can't ftp into a 4.0 SOS machine
unless I use the user name root. All other accounts are denied access.
The local service people say there is a memo about ftp security being
on by default but can't tell me how to undefault it. I can't find any
mention of ftp security in the manual pages except for the old "anonymous"
remarks. I haven't been able to find an analogue to ftpusers either.
        The second problem is that I can't get the ftp and telnet
programs to use the name domain server. Named runs fine as does nslookup
and the MX version of sendmail, but ftp and telnet tell me that any
host not in the yellow system is unknown. I'm running ypserv with the old
secret -i flag just like I do on our 3.n systems but have no joy. Does
anyone know if the secret flag to ypserv has changed?


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