Re: Looking for comments on the 15-pin ethernet connector

Phil Ngai (amdcad!phil@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
16 Jun 88 20:58:03 GMT

In article <In article <3356@phri.UUCP> In article <3356@phri.UUCP> roy@phri.UUCP (Roy Smith) writes:
>I used to think this
>stuff got designed so badly because nobody really cared; once I found out that
>Sun actually has a component engineer in charge of connectors, I just flipped!
>If Sun has one, I'm sure DEC and IBM and everybody else does too (maybe bigies
>like DEC and IBM have whole rooms full of connector engineers?). Damned if I
>can figure out what they do.

Well, if you don't care why should they care? If you care, let them
know. Make a case out of it with your salesman. Tell people like Sun
that they should follow the ISO 802.3 international standard for
transceiver cable connectors and mount them on the OUTSIDE of the
panel. Like DEC does. Many people do not realize how important this
is. Many people have not looked at the connection system carefully.


I speak for myself, not the company. Phil Ngai, {ucbvax,decwrl,allegra}!amdcad!phil or

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