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Evan Bauman (ndmath!ndcheg!
16 Jun 88 03:21:30 GMT

In article <In article <1988.>, Eugene.Hastings@MORGUL.PSC.EDU writes:
> We have encountered a peculiar situation on a Proteon p4200 that has broken
> connectivitiy for Ohio State, Case Western Reserve, and the Universith of
> Michigan. The router in question is located in Cleveland and has T1 lines to
> those institutions, and also to the routing stub where PSC-GW and companions
> connect the ARPANET, NSFNET, PSCNET, and SURANET. Explicit RIP routes are
> propagated, plus translated (from hello) NSFNET routes, plus default. (Let
> me remind all and sundry that the present gated does not announce routes
> learned via EGP, but relies on the propagation of default.)
> So far, so good. Default is propagated successfully to the affected schools,
> but when data is sent to a net via default, the p4200 in Cleveland returns
> net unreachable (in fact, if the Proteon console is queried for a route to
> such a net, like MILNET, the response is "unable to route, reason none".
> This reouter has been running v7.4 of Proteon's code for some time, and it
> has only been very recently that it has failed. Proteon's response has been
> to advise us to use a bugfix, v7.4b, which we have only just received.
> No explanation of what may have happened to exercise this bug, or precisely
> what bugs have been fixed has been offered. The new version should be
> installed today.

Just wanted to throw my two cents in on the subject.

Although I'm posting from Notre Dame, I'm currently residing at the
University of Cincinnati. They guys running the HPUX box here are new
to the news and nets and have compiled the news a la FASCIST. So it's
time to telnet back home to post until they work out outbound news with
the upstream guys. In any case, I believe that we here are part of the
Ohio network that is having its share of troubles.

We've been experiencing the same "network not reachable" messages here.
I've recently configured a set of Suns to work with a Proteon p4200,
and from my experience there, I can tell that the routing tables
on the HPUX here is correct. In fact, there were times that I was able
to reach several sites that were not explicitly listed in the netstat -r

Then sometime on Monday, net access was perfect. I could reach every
site I could think of. This would coincide with the announcement from
OSU that the new Proteon gateway software was installed.

On Monday night, the net failed again here in Cincinnati. We got
mostly "network not reachable" messages, but for a while, the attempted
connection just timed out. Suddenly, tonight it came back up; as witnessed
by my ability to post in Indiana while sitting at a desk in Ohio.

I don't mean to gripe. Was just trying to let the guys in Columbus
know what's happening here and help with the diagnostics.

        Evan Bauman
        University of Notre Dame
        ..!iuvax!ndcheg!evan <-- will forward to proper U. Cin. address


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