Re: DELNI Rack Mount Kits

Chris Lonvick (killer!tness7!tness1!nuchat!texhrc!
15 Jun 88 11:39:04 GMT

>kinda amazed me. DEC sells the brackets as an option in Europe for the
> standard 19" rack, but not in the US. In the US, they only come with the
> to be an Engineering Test facility for an Automotive company, it was no
> big deal for us to fabricate the parts ourselves. I would have still
> prefered to buy them from DEC. [???]

I've been buying the ears from DEC for at least two years. If I had a machine
shop I would opt to manufacture them in-house since they could then be made
from gold and still cost less than what DEC charges. In the current
DEC Direct catalog: H3126-00/FP Rack Mounting Brackets (rack 4 DELNI) $42.
This gives you 8 ears, some screws and a neat pictorial guide to correct
installation. Such a deal.

Chris Lonvick
Texaco EPTD

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