Thu, 16 Jun 88 01:13


'...eniac...' Hmmmmm.... in the spirit of competition and keeping
the UK ahead of the game - I'll race down to the Science Museum London
and hack TCP/IP onto the Babbage m/c ...... now where did I put my
hacksaw (agreed a weak pun). Those of you strong on theory might like
to try it on the Turing m/c - US folks would rather go to Church and
Post a solution, or in these days of detente why not chain yourself
to A Markov.

Wales is a whisper away from here so don't be surprised if you hear
on the news come 21/22 June that Stonehenge, after Hoyle (Fred and
not the American maker of Rules quoted in a song), has been re-
programmed with Theological Cosmic Prayer/Inter-galatic Protocol.


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