Re: Ethernet slide connectors

I am only an egg. (
Wed, 15 Jun 88 07:50 5

     Roy Smith, System Administrator for Public Health Research Institute

        "In a nutshell, they suck!"

     While I might have phrased it differently, I fully agree. I have
yet to get one of these silly, stupid slide style connectors to work. I
much prefer the other kind that are screwed in.

     We also use the idea of cable ties to secure the cables.
Fortunately I can get away with this since all my wires are in very
fixed places. I had to scream at the communications people here to tie
them up because they were constantly falling out just from fan
vibration (and random air currents too I think). In the earily days of
our Ethernet this was the cause of many a mysterious problem.

     One of the things I ask vendors now is what style connector their
hardware comes with.

Chris Johnson
Northeaster University.

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