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14 Jun 88 23:13:34 GMT

In article <5047@videovax.Tek.COM> dmc@videovax.Tek.COM (Donald M. Craig) writes:
>I am looking for feedback on the quality and reliability of
>the slide latch mechanism used on the DB-15 ethernet connectors.

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>Sun Microsystems also has a representative on the RP-125 committee.
>He has asked the component engineer for connectors at Sun
>if there was any data concerning the mechanical integrity of the
>slide latch locking mechanism used in the ethernet connector.
>Here is the response:
>"I am the Component Engineer for connectors at Sun. In regards to your
>question concerning the Ethernet DB-15, these are used through out
>industry by the millions, in many applications. I am not aware of any
>significant problems with mechanical integrity of the lock, or for that
>matter with the connector in any aspect. If the connector is properly
>installed and handled in a semi-reasonable manner you should not have
>any problems. As far as Sun is concerned, usage of D-Sub connectors in
>general, that is various sizes and configurations, will probably
>increase. When all things are considered it often turns out to be the
>best way to go! Hope this helps!!!"
>In the face of this informal statement by Sun's component engineer,
>I now need data about other people's experience with the DB-15 slide
>latch ethernet connector.

Here at Execucom we have a slightly different term for this 'device'. I
won't put it out on the net, however, since this probably isn't the place
to put adjectives regarding personal ancestory or public sexual habits.
Suffice it to say that if the person who designed the slide latch connector
were to come here and visit, his/her employer should only buy a one-way
ticket - we'd be able to ship what remains there were back in a shoebox!

Seriously, those things are a joke. When each and every part is made to exact
and perfect spec, they seem to work ok (at least until you touch them in
some fashion). The ones we got with at least 3 of our Suns and the cables
that we also got from Sun seem to be made to different specs entirely. We
had to do a good bit of reverse engineering to get them to handle the normal
vibration of someone merely walking in the office (concrete floors).

Junk em. Use screws.

Please, since you are protecting this 'Component Engineer', help him/her/it
:-) become aware of 'significant problems'.

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