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Jim Kendall (iscuva!
14 Jun 88 23:14:54 GMT

Jerry Aguirre writes:
>Now for the bad news. I had one of the MR-9000s fail.... But I didn't find
>Cabletron very responsive; it took several days and many phone calls to
>get me the RMA number and the repair took over a week..... Perhaps if
>I had told them I was off the air they would have arranged a loaner.
>What was disturbing was that I have written a PO and received a new unit
>from them in half the time it took to get an in-warranty repair.

We detected a malfunction in one of our MR-9000s in that when the cable
segment was accidentally opened up a couple of hundred feet down the wire,
the fault and collision lights didn't come on........but the jam light
flickered rapidly. This indication tells me that the faulty segment did
not automatically disconnect and that runt packets were being propagated
to all segments (including channel 9, the Ethernet segment). Needless to
say, this loaded the network quite heavily. I disconnected the faulty
segment and, sure enough, the collision and fault lights lit and the
segment disconnected properly. I called Cabletron and told them about it
and they indicated that there was a PAL change made to later units (ours
was 8 months old, therefore we didn't have the PAL change) to fix a faulty
segment disconnect problem, BUT....he said that what I was describing didn't
sound like the problem the PAL change was intended to fix. He said that he
would air freight me up a new one and that I should get it next Monday (this
was last week and Monday has obviously passed) along with an RMA # to ship
the old one back under. To date I've gotten neither.....and we need this
to fix our problem (we are in a developement situation where we are often
opening up segments, and it's imperative that the open segment disconnect

So, Jerry, I don't know about the "if I'd only told them I was down"
arguement. While I've typically had good response from Cabletron, in this
particular instance it hasn't been.

Now just watch.......I'll hit the `S'end key and Receiving will call and
tell me to come get my MR-9000 ;^)


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