Re: Looking for comments on the 15-pin ethernet connector

Robert Michaels (
Tue, 14 Jun 88 23:02:31 pdt

> The stupid little stamped sheet metal clips are simply not strong
>enough to secure a connector with a big fat, heavy, and fairly stiff
>tranciever cable on it. As long as the cable is secured so if can't move if
>accidentally moved, it's OK. For example, on the tranciever ends, we lash
>the cable to the main ethernet trunk cable with 2 (or sometimes 3) wire ties
>a few inches away. But on systems which might move a little (like a deskside
>Sun on wheels), or in situations where the cable might be disturbed (like
>hanging off the back of a desk) forget it.
> What was wrong with good-old RS-232-style screws? Or, if they really

To me the problem is that the little clips are "standard". I would be very
surprised if a vendor will have enough courage to promote something more
effective. To alleviate your problem you could try using a lighter weight
transceiver cable. For us most transceivers are within 5 meters of the host.
For short runs you don't need these really big fat cables. I think several
vendors build these short lightweight transceiver cables ( yes even HP does).

- Robert Michaels
  HP Labs

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