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14 Jun 88 20:41:12 GMT

In article <23340@bu-cs.BU.EDU> bzs@bu-cs.BU.EDU (Barry Shein) writes:
>I'll also add a vote to the Mac-like knurled screws, that would be the

        That would just about do it, but there are some little touches
that the hardware guys could do if they just thought about how the
equipment gets used. Hardware engineers- you listening??

        Redesign the host side of the connection for better strain
relief. We can handle the xcvr side with ty wraps alright.

        First, use a 90 degree angle on the cable into the connector.
Then provide a ty wrap mount an inch or so away from the connector
mounting point so we can tie the cable down and provide strain relief.
Barry will also be able to shove his deskside closer to the wall and
that will help.

        If you can't angle the cable put a standoff bar somewhere on
the back of the box so that when the unit IS shoved into the wall it
won't crush the cable/connector and pop it off. Ideally, put a strain
relief point on the standoff bar so we can tie the cable down. (Smart
guys will do both.)

        This would help a great deal even without a major session of
802.3 devoted to rehashing this.

        Kent England, also BU

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