Re: Looking for comments on the 15-pin ethernet connector

Barry Shein (
14 Jun 88 19:54:09 GMT

I'll second Roy Smith's gripes about those slide-latch ethernet
connectors to quote Roy:

        "In a nutshell, they suck!"

Actually, if there were some negative pressure they might work...

We have around 100 Suns here and other assorted items (this lousy
slide-latch is not unique to Suns by any means, it's ubiquitous) and
they're always falling out, the worst catastrophes occur when they
fall out of centralized server machines, we've been out for hours and
hours while some poor operator tries to figure out what the problem is
(they're learning, we're all learning.)

Worse, much worse, it falls out of MY SUN all the time, like when I
swing my chair around to gulp coffee or some other critical maneuver
and brush the deskside tower, to get it to stay back in I have to
re-arch the cable at a precarious angle so it provides pressure
towards the plug.

Now *that's* unacceptable, the public be damned.

I'll also add a vote to the Mac-like knurled screws, that would be the

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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