Re: Pointers to performance studies on TCP/IP...

14 Jun 1988 23:41-EDT


The SATNET (Atlantic Packet Satellite Network) Measurement Taskforce
just completed some work analyzing TCP/IP performance over the SATNET.
As part of this effort, we developed an instrumented TCP/IP
implementation and a separate IP measurement tool. For additional
        a) Our experimental methodology, tools and results are
           described in a paper to be presented at SIGCOMM 88
           in August. Send me your paper address if you'd like a
        b) There will be 3 additional writeups describing the
           taskforce's work in more detail. These will probably
           be done by the end of the summer. Let me know if you'd
           like copies when they're complete.
        c) For specific details about the TCP and IP tools, please
                TCP tool: Jon Crowcroft (
                IP tool: Paal Spilling (

Let me know if you have further questions,

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